Compatible apps and vendors

RUNALYZE is directly compatible with most manufacturers and apps, whether you record your training with a GPS watch or an app.

Automatic Synchronization

The listed manufacturers can automatically notify us when a new activity is available from you. This way, all you have to do is authenticate with the app once and authorize it to create activities for you.

With Garmin, Coros and Suunto you can also transfer your history of activities.

Garmin Suunto Polar Coros Withings Whoop Concept2 Fitbit Decathlon

Compatible Apps and Services

In addition to GPS device manufacturers, numerous smartphone apps can also automatically send activities to RUNALYZE.

iOS Android PC Mac
icTrainer The best indoor cycling software to manage your roller training professionally and affordably
HealthFit HealthFit synchronizes your Apple watch data
RunGap RunGap synchronizes numerous apps and manufacturers
FitnessSyncer web/online FitnessSyncer synchronizes numerous apps and manufacturers
Milestone Sports
Decathlon Coach
Run4Gear Samsung Galaxy Store
Gear tracker Samsung Galaxy Store
Stryd RunScribe MOXY

Compatible sensors

There are numerous sensors that record additional data while running or cycling. In order for this data, both replacing known fields (e.g. performance) and adding completely new data (so called "developer fields") to land in Runalyze, the sensor must be connected to your watch or app and record the data. We can then read and import the data from the FIT file.

Please note: There is no direct synchronization with the mentioned manufacturers. Therefore, a detour via the watch (e.g. from Garmin or Suunto) or a manual file export and import is necessary.

Supported file files

If automatic synchronization is not possible, activities can be uploaded manually in many different file formats. This works best for files in FIT format.

Runalyze supports the following file formats:

Boost your training analysis

Effective VO2max

VO2max is a scientific metric for the maximal oxygen uptake that is highly correlated with your maximal running performance. RUNALYZE will estimate this value for you.

Privacy first

Your data is yours! We don't sell any data. All default settings are set to private and you can choose what you want to share.

Race prediction

Based on your effective VO2max and a unique marathon shape calculation, you will always get an up-to-date prediction for every of your favorite distances from 3k to (ultra-)marathon.

Training Load

Based on your heart rate, every activity is considered for your overall training load. This model for human performance enables us to point out your acute and chronic training load.


You can track your equipment in any level of detail. Never forget to replace overstrained running shoes or bicycle parts again.

Visual Statistics

Trend analysis, boxplots, dynamic histograms, arbitrary summaries and tons of data tables – RUNALYZE tracks and analyzes every bit of your activities.

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